Open Datasets

Title Main Sample Sample type Collection Contributor Code Created Updated Actions
Unraveling conformational changes behind electron bifurcation in the electron-transferring flavoprotein-menaquinone oxidoreductase ABCX EtfABCX Protein SEC-SAXS Dan Murray XSDUNFBU 2022-07-16 2022-07-18 View
Apoptosis-inducing factor (AIF) allostery mutants and their impact on NADH-driven dimer formation AIF Protein HT-SAXS Chris Brosey XSUTRZQL 2022-07-14 2022-07-15 View
MutSß (MSH2/MSH3) with Adenosine Nucleotide Analogs and DNA with unpaired loop MutSß Protein HT-SAXS Greg Hura XSYY8DN2 2022-07-08 2022-07-08 View
PCTrip (dodecameric tetrahedral protein cage triple mutant) Salt and pH studies. PCTrip Protein HT-SAXS Greg Hura XSSQ87OY 2022-05-24 2022-05-24 View
SEC-SAXS for RNAse RNAse Protein SEC-SAXS Michal Hammel XSP4GVO6 2021-10-13 2021-10-13 View
SEC-SAXS for Urate Oxidase Urate Oxidase Protein SEC-SAXS Michal Hammel XST7CBZW 2021-10-13 2021-10-13 View
SEC-SAXS for Glucose Isomerase Glucose Isomerase Protein SEC-SAXS Michal Hammel XSH3KZQA 2021-10-13 2021-10-13 View
SEC-SAXS for Lysozyme Lysozyme Protein SEC-SAXS Michal Hammel XS0YLJQD 2021-10-13 2021-10-13 View
SEC-SAXS for Xylanase Xylanase Protein SEC-SAXS Michal Hammel XSW08JUA 2021-10-13 2021-10-13 View
SEC-SAXS-MALS for NSP8 + dsRNA from SARS-CoV2 NSP8 Protein SEC-SAXS Michal Hammel XS7MRNJA 2021-03-12 2021-05-21 View