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Welcome to Simple Scattering. As noted in many areas in this web application, this application is for holding scattering data. SAXS data, in particular, can be generated very quickly on many samples. To maximize this asset of SAXS data collection we invented this space so that data may be made available at a similar pace as the rate of collection.

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Unraveling conformational changes behind electron bifurcation in the electron-transferring flavoprotein-menaquinone oxidoreduct...

SEC-SAXS was collected on the SIBYLS beamline (BL 12.3.1) of the ALS at LBNL to observe changes in conformation of the electron-transferring flavoprotein-men...

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Apoptosis-inducing factor (AIF) allostery mutants and their impact on NADH-driven dimer formation

Oxidoreductase Apoptosis-inducing factor (AIF) supports critical mitochondrial activities, including OXPHOS biogenesis and cristae remodeling, and participat...

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MutSß (MSH2/MSH3) with Adenosine Nucleotide Analogs and DNA with unpaired loop

His-tagged human MutSß (MSH2/MSH3) aids in the removal of extrahelical small DNA loops and improperly paired DNA bases, which, if unrepaired, lead to cancer ...

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PCTrip (dodecameric tetrahedral protein cage triple mutant) Salt and pH studies.

The Yeates lab designed a dodecomeric tetrahedral protien cage (PC) with a total mass of 600kDa. The monomeric unit is composed of a trimerizing apex-forming...

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Protein Standard

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SEC-SAXS for Urate Oxidase

Protein Standard

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