Privacy Policy

For Users visiting the site and/or downloading data without registering for the site:

  • We may monitor traffic and gather non-personal information via cookies, IP addresses and time stamps.
  • We may also use the third party analytical tools such as Google Analytics to help monitor and gain insights into site use, including your location.

For Users with an account:

    We collect and store the following:
  • Name, Email Address, an encrypted form of your password, which we are unable to read.
  • The number of your sign in sessions.
  • Time stamps for when you access the site.
  • The IP addresses you have used to access the site.
  • The name of the Organization, Company, Institute, College or University that you are affiliated with.
  • The name and email address of your Supervisor, Principal Investigator, or Group or Project Leader, all of which are referred to as "Leader". As mentioned in our Terms of Service, you are responsible for gaining permission to include your Leader's name and email address with your uploads, submissions, data, content and information. Your Leader may be yourself.
  • The country that you are from and/or did your research.

For Users or Researchers that upload datasets:

  • We will collect and store your datasets in the form of SAS data, supplemental data, supporting materials, and metadata.
  • Metadata includes abstracts, experimental parameters and methods, and it also includes the names of authors, collaborators, coworkers or researchers that you may provide. In addition the email of the author's leader may be included. Per the Terms of service, you must acknowledge you have received their permission to include their names and email addresses.

This personal data will be used to do the following:

  • Store anonymous usage statistics for analytical purposes.
  • For communications between you and Simple Scattering site administrators.
  • Provide you safer access to our services such as uploading your SAS data, supplemental data, metadata, including the names of authors, and the name and email address of your Leader.
  • Authenticate you to use certain features of the site, and authorize you to view certain web pages.
  • Publish your datasets, supplemental data, supporting materials and metadata to the public.
  • Verify that you follow our Terms of Service.
  • We may also report usage or other statistics to agencies that we do research with.

Third party services:

    Your information may be stored on our own servers and databases, or a third-party cloud service such as Google or Amazon Web Services. For your protection please review their privacy and security policies. You should perform the searches yourself, but here are some links to Third-party services that may be helpful:
  • Google Privacy Policy
  • Google Cloud Security
  • Amazon Web Services Security

Your use of this site:

  • You do not have to visit this site for any reason.
  • You do not have to use this site for any reason.
  • We may change our policies at any time, and the latest version posted will be applicable to all information stored in the past.
  • You may delete your account and data at any time.

Contact us:

    If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policy, please contact us.