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NSP8 SEC-SAXS low concentration


NSP8 SEC-SAXS with lower concentration injection

Experimental description

The full SEC-SAXS trace set is available here. Each fame is a 2 second exposure and since collected on a direct detector there is nearly no time separation between frames. The buffer was 20mM Hepes, 150 mM NaCl, 1 mM TCEP pH 7.5. Non Structural Protein 8 is a component of the RNA dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp) from SARS CoV2. These protein was co-expressed in E. Coli and co- purified, sent to SIBYLS for collection and then purified again as part of the SEC-SAXS process. The full SEC-SAXS elution set is here for further analysis.

File description

File description: Each file name is numerically iterated so that NSP8_3_00009.cbf.dat is the 9th SAXS frame from the elution trace. Since it is the 9th frame it is collected 18 seconds after the instrument began recording. The merged NSP8.dat file for an SEC peak region is included.





Data collection technique


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Sample to Detector Distance

Submitting Author

Michal Hammel

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, The SIBYLS Beamline

United States of America

[email protected]


Greg Hura, Daniel Rosenberg, Mateusz Wilamowski, Andrzej Joachimiak , Youngchang Kim

Project Leader

Michal Hammel

[email protected]

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  • Macromolecule 1: NSP8
    • Sample Full Name: Non-structural Protein 8
    • Sample Type: Protein
    • Source Organism:
    • Source Organism NCBI Taxonomy ID:
    • Expression System:
    • Expression NCBI Taxonomy ID:
    • Sequence or Chemical Formula: