Open Dataset XSRRGS8F

Model SAXS Test Data for Computation and Demos


This is a model test SAXS dataset to use for both visual and computational tests for the web application "SAXS FrameSlice" hosted at at the SIBYLS beamline at the Advanced Light Source in Berkeley, California USA. The generated data is meant to mimic a SAXS-like dataset that represents a scattering angle (q) vs. intensity (I) step function. For researchers, the dataset makes it easy for investing the properties of SAXS analysis software. For developers, the data aids the ability to write simpler tests for SAXS software application development.

Experimental description:

The data were generated by a shell script. All data start with a q value (abscissa or X-axis) that ranges from 0.004 to 0.04 (inclusive) with a step size of 0.004 in the first column. The intensity values (ordinate or Y-axis ) in the second column begin at a multiple of 100000 for the first 10 data rows, then decreases to a multiple of 10000 for the next 10 data rows. These values are repeated 10 times until reaching a value of a multiple of 0.0001 for the last 10 values at the end of the dataset. The data have a third column that represents an error of 1% of each intensity value.

File description:

There are 8 data files: test_0001.dat through test_0008.dat. The first dataset, test_0001.dat begins with a multiple of 1 for the intensity values, test_0002.dat with a multiple of 2, etc. until the final dataset, test_0008.dat that has a multiple of 8.

Data collection technique:



Sample to Detector Distance

Created: 2022-11-19

Updated: 2022-11-19

Submitting Author:

David S. Shin

David Shin Consulting

United States of America

[email protected]


Project Leader:

Greg Hura

[email protected]

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Complete Set of SAXS Data Files:

The complete SAXS dataset is downloadable as a zip file.

Sample SAXS Data Files (total 1):

These are individual SAXS data files that are included in the complete dataset, but are available separately for quick download as examples of what is contained in the zip file.

Supplemental Data and Supporting Materials (total 1):

These data and materials may include X-ray crystal structure coordinates, multi-angle light scattering data, .etc. It may also include additional details or methods pertaining to the SAXS experiments, or the researcher's interpretations of the results.

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