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Simple Scattering to be included in the 2023 BioSAXS Workshop

Join us for a 1-day virtual BioSAXS workshop on September 11, 2023. We will have interactive tutorials on SAXS data analysis given by our beamline scientists...

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Simple Scattering to be included in the 2023 BioSAXS Workshop

Join us for a 1-day virtual BioSAXS workshop on September 11, 2023. We will have interactive tutorials on SAXS data analysis given by our beamline scientists, Greg Hura and Scott Classen, along with expert talks on SAXS data analysis and utilizing SAXS data in research. You will also have the opportunity to hear about our plans for beamline upgrades and information on our Mail-in SAXS program. For more information and a link to register go to:

Posted: 2023-09-08 by D. Shin

Simple Scattering in Methods of Enzymology

The Simple Scattering site has been highlighted in Methods of Enzymology in volume 278: "Small Angle Scattering Part B: Methods for Structural Interpretation". Check out the article here

Posted: 2023-03-02 by D. Shin

SAXS of Oxygen-sensitive Enzyme Complexes Behind a Newly-discovered Mode of Energy Conservation - Dataset XSDUNFBU

Electron bifurcation is a newly-discovered but evolutionarily ancient mode of enzymatic energy conservation wherein electron transfer to a low-potential, high-energy acceptor is coupled to electron transfer to a high-potential, low-energy acceptor in a simultaneous and thermodynamically favorable fashion. Enzymes can perform such reactions by forming conformationally heterogeneous, multisubunit complexes that orchestrate electron transfer between redox cofactors coordinated at various positions in their structure. These cofactors often include oxygen-sensitive iron-sulfur clusters that require special experimental configurations to enable their study. Anaerobic SAXS of one such enzyme, Thermotoga maritima electron-transferring flavoprotein menaquinone oxidoreductase ABCX (EtfABCX), has been undertaken to understand the conformational changes associated with its electron bifurcation process (open dataset: XSDUNFBU). If anaerobic SAXS can be of use to your studies, reach out to ALS Beamline 12.3.1 Postdoc Dan Murray (email: [email protected]). Anaerobic SAXS is currently under development at ALS Beamline 12.3.1 and suggestions/inquiries are welcome.

Posted: 2022-11-22 by D. Shin

SAS Data Collection Techniques Expanded

Previously, dataset categories were limited to manual loading SAXS, High-Throughput SAXS, Size-Exclusion Chromatography SAXS, and Other. Categories now also include: IEC-SAXS (Ion-Exchange Chromatography Small-Angle X-ray Scattering), TR-SAXS (Time-Resolved Small-Angle X-ray Scattering), MF-SAXS (Micro-Fluidic Small-Angle X-ray Scattering), WAXS/SAXS (Wide-Angle Scattering/Small-Angle X-ray Scattering), SANS (Small-Angle Neutron Scattering), TR-SANS (Time-Resolved Small-Angle Neutron Scattering), SEC-SANS (Size Exclusion Chromatography Small-Angle Neutron Scattering), Computational (Theoretical). If you think of other SAS categories to add, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Posted: 2022-11-19 by D. Shin

Change in how Collaborators are entered

To help aid upcoming search functions, the way that Collaborators are handled has been changed. If you have published data prior to Nov 9, 2022, please revisit your published entries and update your collaborator list. Thank you!!!

Posted: 2022-11-09 by D. Shin

Middle initials added for Users

We added middle initials to your accounts to help match journal entries in the future. You can update your profile on your account page.

Posted: 2022-09-29 by D. Shin

New Metadata for Datasets

Researchers can now add the Wavelength and Sample to Detector Distance for you experiment separately, instead of adding this to your methods section.

Posted: 2022-09-02 by D. Shin

Simpler Interface for Beamline Admins to enter data for Users

For Beamline Scientists that want to upload data for their users to either give them access to data or to expedite publishing on this site, there is now a more simple interface via the web browser interface to enter data. All that is needed is to select your User on a pulldown, add a title (their sample name or some other identifier), then upload their dataset file, and then any other data package, then hit "Create Dataset". That's it. The data package file can be a zip file that contains items that won't be published, it will be up to the User to later add in supplementary files as they see fit. This is an alternative to using the API to upload data. Beamline Scientists please contact us for access.

Posted: 2022-08-13 by D. Shin

App Name Changed

We changed the name of this app to Simple Scattering to incorporate submissions from other small-angle X-ray scattering techniques - SANS is welcome!

Posted: 2022-08-11 by D. Shin

Welcome to the Site

Welcome to Simple Scattering. As noted in many areas in this web application, this application is for holding scattering data. SAXS data, in particular, can be generated very quickly on many samples. To maximize this asset of SAXS data collection we invented this space so that data may be made available at a similar pace as the rate of collection.

Posted: 2022-06-16 by G. Hura